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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

About Karen and Miscellaneous Mum

About Karen

My site is about our family: me (Karen), my husband (Adam) and our two children Keira (2) and Riley (newborn.)

It's also about what interests me. Although I am a mum, I'm not 'just' a mum. If I want anyone to take away something with them from here, it's that thought.

So, you may find gossip, trivia, media reviews, shopping ideas, recipes, family anecdotes, links, pictures and anything else that takes my fancy.

Chances are, we probably have a fair bit in common.

About Miscellaneous Mum

I accept the following: comments, praise, money, blog-topic suggestions, food parcels, money, jewelry, advice on how to make the perfect scones (there's got to be a better way than folding the butter through with a knife. I mean COME ON!), and anything else that's likely to make it into the yuppie inserts that come in the Saturday newspapers.

I do NOT accept: spam, hate-mail, unwarranted abuse, or people telling me that, yes, the only way to make decent scones is to mind-numbingly fold in the butter with a knife, or invitations to join any or all political parties or religious groups. I'm thinking of starting my own.

If I get any of the above, I reserve the right to do with them as I see fit.

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