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Friday, January 12, 2007

My site is about our family: me (Karen), my husband (Adam) and our two children Keira (3) and Riley (1).

I was born and raised in Kempsey, a small town on the NSW mid-north coast. Like most youth who lived there, I could not wait to grow up and get out. Now though, I like being able to tell people I grew up in the country. Go figure.

I was raised a pretty strict Catholic. Now I suppose I'm what they call "lapsed" but I still believe in God. I think. I don't like talking about religion, if you haven't guessed already. Let’s just say I believe in trying to be a good person. Some need doctrine and rules to do that; others don’t.

I went to university. I enjoyed academic life: so much so I had a Master’s degree in Literature by the time I was twenty-one and realised that I really should get out into the workforce at some point because poverty sucks. Like most youth, I drank too much. I quickly realised that this self-destructive behaviour was not for me. My liver and other organs thank me.

I am essentially a boring person, although a few crappy things have happened to me to round me out a little as an individual. I used to have an eating disorder. I have a mild form of anxiety. I've had a few illnesses which are too boring to mention here, but are in their own way still relevant.

Food and I have a great relationship now--except when I ate a $1 meat pie bought from the supermarket. I got what I deserved.

I have worked crap jobs (McDonalds; service attendant at a Shell Petrol station) and 'decent' white-collar jobs (publishing assistant; event co-ordinator). Working is good, although people do treat you differently at each. At least its money.

I have quite pedestrian political views--but that doesn't mean I don't care what our governments do with our taxes. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes a lot.

I spend far too much time on the computer.

I am a writer. “Oh God, another writer” you say. I try not to be too pretentious about my writing. I don’t pretend to be a genius, but give me a novel to analyse or deconstruct and I am a bull terrier. I can turn a mean sentence when I try to. While I make light here, let me stress that there's nothing like the thrill of seeing your own words in print. Your take on life, or your attempt to reinterpret it, has been authenticated.

I get a little tired of Keira fondling my breasts.

Same with Riley.

Same with Adam.

I wish Keira would stop patting my stomach and saying "Baby in there?" Darling, whether it’s wishful thinking on your part, or desperate reassurance that it’s NOT going to happen, it kind-of hurts mum’s feelings. It's not THAT big.

I used to look like this
(yes, this is one of those wanky glamour shots)

Now, for the most part, I look like this. Or in a similar capacity.

About Miscellaneous Mum

It's about what interests me. Although I am a mum, I'm not 'just' a mum. If I want anyone to take away something with them from here, it's that thought.

So, you may find gossip, trivia, media reviews, shopping ideas, recipes, family anecdotes, links, pictures and anything else that takes my fancy. Chances are, we probably have a fair bit in common.

I accept the following: comments, praise, money, blog-topic suggestions, food parcels, money, jewelry, and anything else that's likely to make it into the yuppie inserts that come in the Saturday newspapers. I like to live vicariously.

I do NOT accept: spam, hate-mail, unwarranted abuse, or invitations to join any or all political parties or religious groups. I'm thinking of starting my own.If I get any of the above, I reserve the right to do with them as I see fit.

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Anonymous Shelly said ... (3:34 pm) : 

I have a mild form of anxiety too- always expecting that something bad will happen, or has happened, or might happen- inherited from one of the parents, surely...


Anonymous Sherri Caldwell - The Rebel Housewife said ... (1:05 am) : 

Misc Mum, I am The Rebel Housewife in Atlanta, GA, US: Mom to 3, Author/Writer, Reader, Book Fanatic, and fellow ponderer. I've just found you through a post on ProBlogger.net/Darrin Rowse -- we should be new best friends, seriously. So much in common, well, other than the fact that we're half a world apart and you write with a much better accent than I do!

Can't stay & visit at the moment, but I'll be back around to visit!
Live, Love & Laugh,


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