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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Today was the usual for a Sunday.

For those who don’t know, in our house Sunday equals: A trip to the mall because now, if Adam hasn’t had his ‘dose’ already, he is positively scratching at the door to go and hang out at his favourite stalls and get a decent coffee to fix his caffeine-headache.

Before this, however, he has a lie in. Which leaves me with a toddler who herself is desperate to get outside. See photo as Exhibit A:

She dresses, gets shoes on, and hops up in the pram and waits to go…wherever. She doesn’t care. And she’s patient. Today she was in there near an hour until I had the chance to take her out.

Another one of Adam’s favourite weekend tricks is to teach her politically incorrect phrases.

This week, he has taught her to slap my butt and say “Hello, Toots!”

Truly, marvellous.

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Anonymous Shelly said ... (3:46 pm) : 

Ah, our little girl's a genius. Especially how she manages to hoist herself up into that tiny seat- I've seen her do it myself.


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