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Monday, August 21, 2006

Back to the old (weather)

After the glorious early spring weather of the weekend, this morning its raining and windy, but its supposed to fine up later. Hopefully.

Keira's speaking is coming ahead, just in this month alone its getting clearer.

Here is a sample of what's been said so far this morning.

"Bye dad, see you soon!" (She said as Adam was leaving for work)

(Holding up my bra, for me to put on as I was getting out of the shower) "Bra". Holds it up to her own chest. "No fit, Kiri"

As I was putting on my pink shirt, "Mummy, nice!" (She is my stylist. She always lets me know what she thinks I should wear).

Riley's face broke out again on the weekend and I have no idea why. Perhaps it was the nicer weather, as Adam was complaining how the blossoming wattle was making his hayfever start to twitch.
This is what it looks like:

There's that obviosuly red patch on his cheek, but also (not as clear) there's a large, scaley area that's not red right now, but can be. That's also on the exact spot on the left side of his cheek. Plus, its all around his eyes, so sometimes he looks like a zombie. Poor little man.

What to watch tonight--Grey's Anatomy: Code Black

I've seen this already. As a newcomer, only in the last 3 episodes, I think I'm hooked. If I can just forget how much Meredith/McDreamy really annoy me with their lovely-dovey eyes. But I think the writing in this episode is great. At the end of it (if they keep it as a two-parter), you'll be hanging out for next week. Christina Ricci is great.
(Gosh, for my first attempt at a review in a while, that one was very average! No time now - I have a toddler who needs potty!)

Comments on "Back to the old (weather)"


Blogger Geoff said ... (10:06 pm) : 

It would be a worry if your underwear did fit "Kiri" already. Can't wait to see if she's as sporty and competitive as her mum was as a child.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (12:18 pm) : 

Gee, I wasn't THAT bad, was I?!


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