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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Because if I don't feel sorry for me, no-one else will....except you. Maybe

"I'm sitting here eating a bowl of premium choc-chip icecream, which I don't especially want, but it temporarily distracts me from the distresing fact that I've just heard Riley cry himself to sleep for the sixth night in a row. He is slowly - very slowly - getting better, but his night time going to sleep is atrocious and sometimes I want to push a fast forward button, even just six month, because then, surely, he'll be better at sleeping. Sickness or no sickness.

It just drags me down and when it's a reasonably early hour - oh, it's 7.52pm - and I could bounce back up again and do some work, some cleaning or, shock of shocks, hop on the treadmill; instead I cuddle my icecream.

But it is a devilishly nice icecream. I might have another scoop.

See, there I go again!"

I wrote that last night and decided not to post it because boy do I sound hot - not. And, really, I had nothing to complain about because it's 5.49am here now and I've been up for an hour with a baby who's HAD ENOUGH SLEEP!

I am going to find all the good things about this....well, fill you in on what's been happening so far.

5.00am - Turned on TV to discover evangelical church-y business. No thanks. NBC's Today show is on however. Goody.

5.20am - I eat breakfast and turn the empty plate and spoon over to Riley, hence buying myself this time to write this and....

Read my blog stuff for the day, amongst which:

I see Melissa's had her TV interview (which, you'd never guess, they've just advertised is coming up next on the Today show I'm watching now!! That is so spooky)

I read with a tear in my eye that I was not nominated for a 2007 bloggie. I will now lower my voice to a gravely baritone and mutter, "Next year, gadget!"

And that pretty much brings us back up to now. It's after 6.00am and the TV show I sometimes catch because Keira's woken up has come on and I see it's as inane at the beginning as it is at the end. The sky has begun to lighten up outside.

I need a drink. And a nap.

Comments on "Because if I don't feel sorry for me, no-one else will....except you. Maybe"


Blogger Julie said ... (5:01 pm) : 

Oh, this all sounds familiar! I remember the nights of crying it out (me and the kids - both crying, just with a closed door in between us). This is why God invented ice cream.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been having fun tonight reading your old entries. The "German Measles" business sounds awful. I hope it has run its course by now. Sick kids are such a sad part of parenting.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (11:46 am) : 

Thanks for stopping by too Julie. He's on the mend, I'm glad to say!


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