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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now, instead of a fever you get...

Riley's fever finally broke yesterday - after four straight days. I'd had a doctor's appointment for this morning but decided to keep it anyway, just in case.

So, this morning, as I'm dressing Riley I notice a bad rash around his ears and neck. I thought it was excema rearing its ugly head again.

At the doctor's, he does all the usual poking and prodding, and declares that although the worst's past becuase the fever's down, the rash means one of two things:

1) Something called ECHO virus
2) German Measles

My heart wilted quicker than the balloon Keira was feebly trying to blow up behind me. The doctor assured me that because both were virus's that nothing could be done except "waiting it out". Right. Riiiigghhhttt.

Could I be medicated instead? Please? Oh, go on.

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Blogger Tracey said ... (1:37 pm) : 

Eeek. You're allowed a freak out moment on that diagnosis.
Hope the 'waiting it out' period is untraumatic.


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