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Monday, January 22, 2007

Worst. Night. Ever

Remember when I said that Adam and I these days rarely have an intelligible conversation? Well, last night we did. At 3am. Then 4am. And at other times too many to mention. Riley got worse, and his fever was making him a very unhappy chappy. So, in between screams, Adam and I held hands in bed and shot the breeze.

I mean, what else can you do at such times?!

In the end, he gave up and caught the 4.48am train into work and I dragged Riley into our bed where, after numerous changed positions, Riley feel asleep in my arms with the satisfied smile on his face which plainly meant, "This is what I wanted all along, woman!"

Ech. I'm tired.

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Anonymous housewife of east vic park said ... (5:21 pm) : 

oh I am hooked....consider yourself going onto my links. And feel very blessed because I am too lazy to add many to my links! Hope you have a better day.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:58 am) : 

Wow, thanks, Ms housewife of east vic park. I do feel special :)


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