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Monday, January 29, 2007

Reliving our youth, two dimensional style

Adam loves Keira's etch-a-sketch more than she does. Last night he doodled this:

Me: Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Which one is this?
Adam: Uh... (thinks)...I can't remember.
Me: It's Raphael.
Adam: No, I don't think so...
Us simultaneously: Well, it can't be Michelangelo, because he had nunchuks and he is everybody's favourite, so that one's easy.
Adam: I think it was Leonardo.
Me: But he had a sword!
Adam: No, he had two swords!
Me: No he didn't.

(Five minutes later; after perusing Wikipedia)

Me: OK, he had two. But this picture doesn't show the bottom of the weapon. It could be either of them.

(We later agreed that it was more likely to be the dignified blue leader rather than Mr. smarmy red.)

Ah, TMNT. An oldie, but a goodie. We taped the movie off the TV and watched it endlessly when we were kids. I think part of the attraction for me was the hope of one day seeing Krang (The brain thing) getting squashed royally under someone's (preferably Michelangelo's) foot.

What cartoons do you still think about? Or make doodles of for that matter?

Comments on "Reliving our youth, two dimensional style"


Blogger jeanie said ... (4:34 pm) : 

ha - I am just in awe at the sheer talent shown in the drawing - and was a little too old to appreciate the finer points of TMNT!

We used to play Betty and Veronica, but I think that also reflects my neglected childhood - we had to pretend at school we knew who Witchy Poo was as we had very limited (and very snowy grey) television access.

Monkey was a classic that also made it to the schoolyard, but I think that was post some sporting event that gave my family the excuse to upgrade communications devices!!!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:03 pm) : 

Yes, that sounds like a familiar story. we're still using the TV Adam got in te post-1997 world cup soccer. Outrageously outdated now, though.


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