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Sunday, May 20, 2007

More on yesterday's riddle

Sorry if I perplexed you all. Even Adam said to me, as he clandestinely read my blog for the day, "What the hell was that?"

First, I had no time to write anything.

Second, even if I had, I don't think I could've been bothered.

Third, most importantly, I was also trying to be clever.

One of my favourite little stories in literature life is this:

The world's shortest ever correspondence was between Victor Hugo and his publisher.

Upon the release of Les Miserables, Hugo was extremely nervous on what the public and critical reaction was going to be, so he sent a postcard to his publisher with a simple:


The publisher's response was an enthusiastic:


Now, that could open the debate there about the langue/parole split of language, and how in that specific example, there was no better choice for expression, arbitrary or not. But I really don't have the brain cells to devote to adequately explain what I mean there at the moment. And frankly, I don't want to bore anyone who doesn't care.

Let me put it another way: What I was trying to say yesterday was as much as I could, in as little means as possible.

Why do bloggers, I guess mother bloggers are the 'worst' here-- but you can argue with that if you want-- feel the need to 'vent' so often? Is that really why they're driven to write blogs in the first place, as a means to be heard by the nameless, faceless world?

I say 'vent' but that was really a lazy word choice, wasn't it? I should've said: vent, praise, celebrate, ruminate, recollect, legitimatise, and any other of dozens of possibilities.

So I said, "Hi!" yesterday, with my own exclamation point, to see what you'd all say. I got a few "where's the missing link?" questions, because, surely, people didn't think it was 'natural' for someone just to log on and say "Hi!" for no other reason than just to be friendly?! (I'm asking here, I don't know!)

(But then others said hi! back and thanks! I hope no-ones offended by my little experiment. Maybe you should try it on your blog and see what the reaction is?)

Yesterday, I didn't give a quantitative breakdown on a specific theme, or subject, of my day's happenings. No, I gave my salutation and went on my way. And doubtless many of you thought that was rather odd!


Or, why not, as the case may be?

I suppose what I'm ultimately asking:

Do you ever think about what you're writing and how you're saying it? Or do the words just spill out? Could you change it? Should you change it? Do you even care?

Comments on "More on yesterday's riddle"


Blogger Miss Frou Frou said ... (9:48 am) : 

Interesting experiment... If I was going to do it.. I'd probably just put a big WHY? It's my favourite word anyway... am wanting to blog something at present but not sure exactly what I want to say, so it would have some meaning too...

Sometimes my posts are very well thought out, doing the Thursday 13 means I need to plan at least one entry. Other times I'm just riffing but even then I do a fair amount of editing. A post recently about my father, started out as something completely different, but changed as I started to write. So I guess my answers to your questions would be - all or none of the above!


Anonymous Meg said ... (3:40 pm) : 

I'm sure "WTF" would probably draw a few out too!


Blogger Dawn said ... (8:16 pm) : 

I try to give a little thought to what I'm going to say, but sometimes I find myself at the blog and ready to start without much clear direction. But after a false start or two, the direction will come. And like Miss Frou Frou, I edit a lot.

On a busy morning, it was refreshing to find someone so economical with words!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (10:56 pm) : 

In my Journal, I don't write it, the characters do, based on they type of people they are.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:47 am) : 

Interesting responses guys, thanks :)

It's a line people don't often think about, because weblogs are (I guess) extensions of the confessional 'journal', but then there are also 'audiences' to consider too.


Blogger gingajoy said ... (4:19 am) : 

today was a spillout post, but this is unusual for me. i try and think in an essay mode, and arrange fragments/ideas in my head. But, my initial process is spillout, and then serious editing, reordering, etc. Not on all posts, but on a lot of them.

Excellent questions for You Know What!


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