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Monday, November 27, 2006

Does this increase or decrease my credibility?

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Thanks to Schmutize, again, I have found a little badge with which to adorn my blog. Not that it’s the most flattering one ever, but it is quite timely as I was celebrating just the other day how my Technorati ranking has jumped 90,000 places in just the past six weeks or so, and now my ego has returned to earth with a thud. My hubris has been overcome. If indeed it exists anymore, because I'm running on such sleep deprivation (can it truly be possible for an eight month old to be getting his molars? Well, Riley seems to think so) that my brain is running on minimum. No driving cars or operating heavy machinery for me. Which might explain why I've been throwing clothes indiscriminately into my suitcase these past few days getting ready for our holiday. Does a child really need winter flannellete pajamas when we're travelling into stinking heat? Apparently, yes. Plus spare clothes for doll. My daughter needs an entourage worthy of a President or Queen.

Anecdote of the Day

Adam is trying on new boardshorts for the summer ahead to swim in at the beach. He and Keira are in the changing rooms. He pulls them on, holds out his arms for her inspection and says, “How do they look?”
Keira strikes a Rodan’s Thinker’s pose, then says as officiously as Anna Wintour would, “Do a twirl, dad. Twirl!

My little fashionista!

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