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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Apologies and Questions

I've just re-read the entries of the past week and I apologise. Content? Meagre. Length? The usual brevity - which, I normally prefer, but I've been falling on the ugly side of par lately.

I was going to rectify this by recounting the surreal day I had yesterday which I've already mentioned in passing, but after giving it some deep consideration have discovered it might have some real legs for an article or something. So to cover any future copyrighted butt I have, I won't go into details but I do have a question I'm hoping some of you can answer.

I dream a lot. Dreams that can blacken the toenails and re-code your DNA. Stuff that makes you question your life and your motives and your soul. Stuff that Edvard Munch would seize upon gleefully and turn into a masterpiece. You think I'm referring to nightmares though? No, not entirely-- although my nocturnal witnessing of Eddie McGuire singing "Doe Re Mi" dressed as a nun from "The Sound of Music" was anything but pleasant.

My question? Do you ever dream of people (namely celebrities) and visualise their life and wake up and feel yours is totally inadequate in comparison? Or have even wondered it whilst completely conscious?

I'd be interested to know.

Comments on "Apologies and Questions"


Blogger strauss said ... (1:23 pm) : 

I once had a very down to earth conversation with the late Michael Hutchence, it was very everyday and I was left feeling as though I had actually spoken to him when I awoke.
When I worked in a jewellery store. I had John Lennon come in and select a wooden cuckoo watch...not clock..watch. The cuckoo watch was the main thing I remember and John Lennons Liverpoolian accent.
I aslo had a bizzaro dream where I was the Dutchess of York's personal body guard ala Beverley Hills Cop style... it was very comical. I think I had seen the movie, the night before. Oh dear me!
I love dreams.


Blogger strauss said ... (1:26 pm) : 

Oh ha ha. To answer your question. No I haven't felt inadequate after having a dream involving celebrities.
I certainly have after meeting inspiring everyday people though.


Blogger Elizabeth said ... (8:54 am) : 

My dreams tend to feature people I know in rather odd situations.

Last night it was me, Tracey, my neighbour Shelley and Bats ( from LT) in some kind of cave system . Kids were finding little fish in shallow pools and I was watching some man selling really cute animated toys in a market carved out of several layers of rock. Wish I could remember more details about that toy. Bet it would have made my fortune.

Not inadequate but less interesting when I think about some celebs and I have a certain envy when I think about the skills of some of my internet friends...and that includes your writing skills.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:57 pm) : 

strauss - ah, now I am humbled. I should feel the same after encountering normal people shouldn't I?!

E- aw, thanks mate. I wonder what T will reckon?!


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