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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mother Blogger Interview - Wendy Piersall (eMom)

I am very excited to present the next mother blogger interview. I stumbled across Wendy and her inspirational blog pretty much the same week I first began mine, and have since taken pleasure in the motivation she inspires and her support for all others.

I doubt she needs any further introduction to many of you, so now I will hand it over to her!

When did you first begin blogging? End of April 2006

What interested you in beginning your Blog? Why a Blog over other methods of 'traditional' journaling (like a private diary)?

I was interested in the social aspect of blogging, and the potential for driving traffic to a site. I had no idea it would take on a life of it’s own, though!!

What do you think of the term 'mommy blogger'?

Frankly, I don’t identify with it, because I really don’t write about mom stuff. That being said, since mommy bloggers are my “target audience” I love them a whole bunch! I think the term, though, has been used in a degrading fashion, which really ticks me off sometimes…

Does writing a Blog give you a voice that you otherwise feel you don't have? If yes, what factors contribute to this lack of voice that you feel you have?

No, I feel like the real me comes through online and in real life. My friends who know me say the same thing.

What you are writing, if you let it, becomes public knowledge. Truthfully, does writing for a wider audience matter? Why/why not?

Yes, I believe so, because I started my blogs to help people. A wider audience only means I’m helping more people!

What inspires you to keep blogging? This question may be especially pertinent for those of you who are blogging semi-professionally, or professionally.

The readers of the blog and my own dreams I want to fulfill. In that order.

As mothers, how do you address the issue of Internet security on your blog? What rules have you self-imposed about what you say about your family/children?

I have never named my children, though I would guess that if some creep was really determined, they could find our info, as with anyone. I don’t talk a lot about my family except in the context of work-life balance, mostly because they aren’t really on-topic for my blog. But I do use kids’ photos, as a part of my brand (and because I like to show them off!!).

If you could estimate a percentage, how much of your blog is unembellished, straight recount of what's been happening in your life? (Or, to rephrase the question, do you ever doctor your tales to seem more 'dramatic' or 'funny')? Why/why not?

Funny, yes, but still pretty straight accounts of life. My life and business are pretty dang amusing most of the time. ;)

Do you think that blogging – at all – insinuates a certain social standing on behalf of the blogger herself? For example, many poorer women, who themselves may want to express themselves, may not have computer or Internet access. Do you feel that as a consequence many important stories are 'lost'?

Yes. I give a percentage of my advertising revenue to Kiva.org each month, but I wish I knew more ways to reach out beyond the wealthy, tech-savvy users that I mostly know.

How important has blogging become to you?

HUGELY important. I keep trying to do a different business, and my blog keeps taking them all over and swallowing them up!

How important are the trappings (or decoration/design) of your blog? For example, if you have heavily modified an existing wordpress/blogger/typepad template – or done your own – how would you feel if suddenly you were reverted back to a basic one? Would it matter?

Very important again – but it’s part of a business branding experience. Visual cues tell readers things that words can’t, so I do believe that a template can either enhance or diminish the conversation on a blog.

If your family is aware of your blogging and are regular readers, how do you censor any personal or 'delicate' topics they may have a problem with? Or do you? (To paraphrase – do you compromise your writer's voice?) If so, how does this make you feel?

Haven’t really come across this situation.

How important is the social networking aspect of blogging to you?

It’s the most enjoyable and addicting part. J But it also drives the most traffic!

Which other bloggers do you admire? For any particular reason(s)?

Darren Rowse, Liz Strauss, Robyn Tippins, many, many others. The common thread is that they really focus on adding value, both on their blogs and in real life.

In your experience, do you find bloggers or certain blogging communities to be cliquey, as they sometimes are accused of?

Oh, yes…. Yes, yes yes! Myself included, sometimes!

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Blogger scribbit said ... (6:02 pm) : 

An interesting interview with a blog I've never read before. Funny thing, I'd just her name announced at Problogger an hour before . . .


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:07 pm) : 

I know - it's all coming up Wendy at the moment! ;)


Blogger gingajoy said ... (5:05 am) : 

I ditto scribbit--very interesting and nice to be turned on to someone new who is doing such interesting work.


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