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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In honour of our upcoming elections

This photo was taken during the campaign for our last Federal election - and also whilst the film "Alien vs Predator" was in general release. The Howard (liberal) and Latham (labour) refer to the politicians who were in contest to become our next Prime Minister. It still makes me laugh, because it's so true.

You could really substitute anyone in there, that's the beauty....and the sad irony.

Comments on "In honour of our upcoming elections"


Anonymous Autofocused said ... (9:41 am) : 

Horribly true in the UK as well :-(

True everywhere in fact....


Anonymous Brian said ... (9:47 am) : 

Cool poster and so true. :(


Blogger The Crazy King of Clowns said ... (9:49 am) : 

marvellous poster!!

happy ww :)


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (9:57 am) : 

Excellent poster and often true, sadly.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 am) : 

I feel the sad way about most of our elections!


Blogger letha said ... (10:16 am) : 

Yep, works across the board


Blogger Mama Duck said ... (11:03 am) : 

Ha, that's really funny!! Happy WW - ours is up as well


Anonymous Rav`N said ... (11:09 am) : 

*lol* very funny...


Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said ... (11:36 am) : 

I love that kind of signs! Wonderful! That use to be true over here in Sweden too, but right now we got a change in the government, so we'll see if we actually can get some changes. They have already done some nice changes and is working on other, very much needed!

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Blogger Linda said ... (1:38 pm) : 

Can we borrow that one over here in 2008?? We're going to need it!!


Blogger anyhowblogs said ... (1:38 pm) : 

This is so cool. But i think we would probably be sued if we used something like that here in Singapore.

Wordless Wednesday Guess-It is up! Go take a look and guess!!


Blogger Rand said ... (1:49 pm) : 

Lol cool.


Blogger annb said ... (2:32 pm) : 

What a sad commentary for elected officials!


Blogger An Ordinary Mom said ... (3:09 pm) : 

Too ironic.


Blogger Holly said ... (3:20 pm) : 

You're right, sad but true!!



Blogger Biker Betty said ... (4:50 pm) : 

Very funny. Sometimes it's so true when we have to pick the lesser of the two evils. Great post.


Anonymous Julee said ... (5:19 pm) : 

Happy WW! I like the picture, I love things like that.


Blogger amy said ... (5:24 pm) : 

thats great


Blogger whenn said ... (6:22 pm) : 

True and very funny!


Blogger Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said ... (7:13 pm) : 

I think this applies world over... Politicians will be politicians... no matter their party, or their supposed ideals...


Blogger DebD said ... (10:14 pm) : 

Now that is so funny and sadly too true.

Happy WW

Deb on the Run


Blogger Donna said ... (10:22 pm) : 

Anything about politics makes me laugh. I laugh to keep from crying. Happy WW.


Blogger Gattina said ... (10:30 pm) : 

Sad to say but seems to be true in the whole world !


Blogger Celfyddydau said ... (10:44 pm) : 

That is a really unusual election poster. Great WW


Anonymous JCM said ... (2:05 am) : 

God, I remember the fun I had with a Windows XP ad near my home..


Anonymous Barbara H. said ... (4:36 am) : 

LOL! All too true all too often.


Blogger Mert said ... (6:07 am) : 

Too funny. Happy WW! :D


Blogger Kuanyin said ... (6:51 am) : 

Happy WW! One day later than you and yet so close....


Blogger Celeste said ... (1:08 pm) : 

It is sad that the winners are losers.


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