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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mothers 'Paying it Forward' Update #2

Us mothers are making (tiny) ripples in the community. A few weeks ago, our local paper came to take photos and do a profile of our playgroup and our project. I deliberately didn't say anything before now because I know sometimes there is a yawning gap between what one is told will go to print and what actually does.

However, I opened up the paper the other morning and lo! and behold, there we were! As usual, when I get my photo in the newspaper (there's been a few times, I must post them, for a laugh), the shot is taken with me in mid-breath, or mid-conversation. This results in either:

a) my jaw is wide open and I look like that mummy in...well....The Mummy...when he tries to swallow Brendan Fraser in the little airplane and yes my mouth is that wide in real life and boy....wow....rant much? *calm down**big breaths*

or b) my cheeks are puffed out and I look like a chipmunk.

Luckily, this time, it was only result (B).

Upshot: We're awesome. Don't ever say local media isn't read, either. We've (Keira was in the shot too) even been 'recognised'. Yesterday at Kindamusik, Keira's teacher saw us and declared "I saw you in the paper!" Let's see if the idea itself takes root in others. *Insert smiley face*

*End of annoying asterisk parentheticals*

Comments on "Mothers 'Paying it Forward' Update #2"


Anonymous Shelly said ... (3:48 pm) : 

Yay! Post the photo!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:55 pm) : 

Hmm....not sure about that as there are other people in the shot. Gosh shelly, I'll photocopy it for YOU.


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