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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When dandruff becomes passe' in the world of men's hygiene

I've been reading/hearing a lot lately about this underground trend in men's hygiene. It seems a lot of guys are voluntarily giving up washing their hair indefinitely - but at least for six weeks at a time- because after this time your hair will have found it's own 'oily' balance and will not require it anyway.

Of course, the second reason is often the most crucial, and that perk is that non-washing is believed to spare your glands (or whatever they are) from being overstimulated, a possible cause for baldness. So for some men it has become a choice: the shampoo bottle and being a satellite receiver for pulling chicks (or however that t-shirt slogan goes) or a penny-pinching macho, with coiffed locks.

Personally, I'd be loathe for Adam to give up shampooing. Why?

1) Non-washed hair stinks. It does.

2) I'd have no-one to mooch shampoo off when my own runs out and I don't fancy a nudie run to the cupboard to get another bottle- if there is one.

3) That would automatically place Adam in the 'I'm worried about losing my hair' category of male, and, please, I'm still just getting used to the fact he's THIRTY.

What do you think? Have you heard about this new craze? (As far as 'crazes' go though, it's got to be said it's unique in not requiring to BUY into it).

Would you want your partner to stop shampooing his/her hair??

Comments on "When dandruff becomes passe' in the world of men's hygiene"


Anonymous erica said ... (8:37 pm) : 

(new reader alert!) :)

I haven't heard of this apparent craze however if my DH decided he wasn't going to wash his hair for six weeks, he'd quickly find new living quarters that's for sure. You are SO right - unwashed hair reeks badly. I just couldn't stand it.

As for the balding thing? Shave it or get plugs. ;)


Anonymous Matt said ... (10:48 pm) : 

LOL, I have heard the hype regarding this, especially from the guy on Sunrise, but I am giving it a go.

I agree with the whole theory that we are pushed to buy shampoo and then pushed to buy other products to put back in what the shampoo has then out of your hair.

The same thing can be said for tooth paste and dentistry, soap and moisturiser :P


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (3:59 am) : 

So many think shaving their head is the solution.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:20 am) : 

Hi Erica! Welcome :)

Let me know how you go, Matt!

Jean-Luc - obviously you are the poster boy for the actual rare atractiveness of baldity!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (8:32 am) : 

My boyfriend- and I'm so jealous about this, having the driest hair in the world myself- NEVER has to use conditioner on his hair as it is so soft. All he does is shampoo and he is done. And it is still soft and fluffy! Whereas I am like a steel wool pad! Where is the justice??!


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