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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sounding it out for the ugly ducklings

I was watching RAGE on ABC the other weekend (Aus's version of Top of the Pops, or MTV, if you will) and this song came on:

Classic Kylie. It will come as a shock for anyone who doesn't know that this song is ten years old. It hasn't dated at all. Listen to the entire clip and I defy anyone not to go about singing/humming this for the rest of the day.

Anyway, this post isn't so much about the song but it's male lead. Ah, Dexter Fletcher. My how far you've come since Press Gang.

I watched Press Gang (a BBC show of the early 90's) when I was a pimply adolescent, as he himself was (probably) at the time of it's making, and it goes to show it you suffer through the teen years, anything could happen once you reach adulthood. "Blossoming", if you will.

Which star do you like more as they get older?

Comments on "Sounding it out for the ugly ducklings"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:34 pm) : 

I love George Clooney as he's gotten older! I never really paid attention to him when he was younger. Yes, he was cute, but when I saw him in The Perfect Storm, with the gray/white hair starting to flourish, I thought, "That's George Clooney!" Wow! I just love him now that he's matured!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (10:24 pm) : 

Dexter Fletcher? He used to host a computer game review show for children.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (1:07 pm) : 

anon - you know, George rarely 'does it' for me. I liked him when he was a rogue on Roseanne!

Jean-Luc - He was?!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (8:38 am) : 

Of course, the plus side of this clip is that you can't hear that fake american accent he was putting on in press gang (no offence to him). Looks much cuter here too. He was also in that Channel 9 program last year about the raunchy hotel in London.


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