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Monday, May 21, 2007

Book Covers

Designing the book cover for our family history was relatively easy affair. There were really only two shots in the entire album of submissions that family members made that were:

i) Appropriate

ii) Of adequate digital sizing, so as not to be warped or skewed when enlarged.

My talented friend put them together for me, and as I watched her fiddle with margins and bleeds and cropping and all other sorts of business I was again reminded why I didn't become a designer. I do not have the patience.

Then the other day I was reading this very interesting piece in Sarsparilla (I love that word) about books from movie tie-ins, a subject I'd never considered before, and now I do.

So my question is: what book covers stand out for you? Are they from movie tie-ins, or for some other reason.

I must admit, for me, what comes to mind is American Psycho, because the day I bought it, some nine years ago, I pulled it off the shelf in Sydney and was intrigued by it's 18+ bound packaging and then again by it's artistry (more about it's designer here).

But there's more, upon reflection. I remember thinking the ugly yellow cover of Salinger's Catcher in the Rye was just dumb (ignorant teenager that I was).

So okay, if I was just to say the words: book cover. What immediately comes to mind for you? Why? Do you like it, or not?

Comments on "Book Covers"


Anonymous Shelly said ... (7:06 pm) : 

No book covers spring to mind but when you're talking about boring, album covers that one does think of immediately are the Beatle's white album- and from there, of course, it goes to Spinal Tap's Smell the Glove, which was completely black, and in the movie Nigel asks "How more black could it be? None- none more black."
Classic! So docile.


Blogger Jordan said ... (12:20 am) : 

I immediately thought of hardcover vs. softcover and the texture of the paper. There's this big trend toward "satin" textured paper with high gloss lettering (or embossed high gloss lettering). I wonder how much that costs to print...


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:18 am) : 

It depends on the type of book. Classic literature should have an old stle painting, fantasy should have beautiful artwork etc


Anonymous Liz said ... (9:55 am) : 

I find that it's interesting to think of the harry potter book covers when talking about attracting an audience. the publishers have created adult covers which are all black with one photo on the front in reference to an object in the book, compared with the colourful cartoon illustrations of the children's versions. I'd be interested to know what adults would prefer to buy, and does a black cover make it less obvious that Harry potter is a series about some teenage wizards and witches???


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (11:26 am) : 

jordan - mmmm...I love running my hands over those kinds of covers!

liz- as soon as I clicked 'post' on this subject, I thought of Harry Potter. I'd like to see a comparison of selling rates between the books.


Anonymous Jebus said ... (4:33 pm) : 

It made me think of the Don Maitz cover of Feist/Wurts "Servant of the Empire". Not sure why but I've always liked that cover.

Link but doesn't give it justice - http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/n1/n6135.jpg

Also book cover reminds me of how atrocious many US fantasy covers are compared to their UK counterparts, not necessarily the art but almost always the design.


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