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Saturday, June 09, 2007

My precious new purchases

I picked up some books the other day I'd had on layby for a while. They were:

I've already begun "Reading like a Writer", and it's been very difficult - not to read, but to handle. I'm so used to buying second-hand books that a new one to me is as fragile as a newborn baby. I'm even using a bookmark: and those of you who know me well will realise just how much pain this causes. I'm a dog-eared girl, and proud of it.

Have you read any of these? What do you think? ("The Memoir Book" is just a new release, so there mightn't be many takers there). I've found a lot of the "Reading like a Writer" references and allusions in the media and teaching workshops lately. There seems to be quite a niche developing which is a cross between creative writing and the standard 'English Literature' - a niche-bandwagon I would be most keen to jump on board......

....So, consider me here by the side of the road. It's a 19th century day in Canada, probably Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island. I'm dressed up to go to a local picnic, with ribbons in my hair, and plaits which I'm twitching nervously because I have a pound cake in my cane basket which will flatten if I'm not being picked up soon enough.

(Yes, I'm channelling Anne of Green Gables here).

My point? Hmm.......not sure. Have a nice weekend everybody.

Comments on "My precious new purchases"


Blogger Miss Eagle said ... (7:42 am) : 

Have a lovely weekend. It's great weather - grate, in the case of a wood fire - for curling up with a book and letting the world go by unnoticed.


Anonymous SusieJ said ... (9:11 am) : 

Only the Margret Atwood book -- I like her a lot. You're inspiring me with these other books.


Blogger sfgirl said ... (6:17 pm) : 

Nice to see you're reading Margaret Atwood. I like her stuff, most of it is dark, but extremely well written. I'm a Canadian writer too! If you're curious come visit my blog, The Alien Next Door at http://sfgirl-thealiennextdoor.blogspot.com. Hope to see you there! Australia is a great country, full of contrasts. I hiked up Ayer's Rock!


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