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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thirteen things about "The Queen"

  1. I finally watched "The Queen" on the weekend. Here are my thoughts:

While the Queen and Tony Blair were fleshed out, the minor characters were really just caricatures (a quibble I remember reading in one of the movie reviews at the time). Philip and Cherie Blair, in particular.

  • Helen Mirren, on the other end of the scale, was truly magnificent. She deserved that Oscar.

  • I wonder if the Queen is like that in real life? Where does the fiction end and fact begin?

  • Well, she couldn't have been too offensive, seeing Helen Mirren was recently invited to lunch with the real Queen.

  • The movie also dealt rather wryly with Tony Blair as PM - heralded as the great 'modernizer' and 'hero of the nation' - but in subsequent years he has been blighted by the war in Iraq and I wonder how much of his talents were wasted (or wanting to being with, so may say his critics). I daresay he'd see the movie as bittersweet.

  • What say the UK readers of my above point? What say you, for example, Jean-Luc. I'd love to know!

  • "The Queen" was short! Only a 100 min.

  • It didn't really 'feel' like a movie. More like a documentary. There wasn't much of a narrative arc. Perhaps this is because it was based on events that played out, which I remember particularly well. I already knew how they unfolded.

  • Do you remember hearing about Diana's death?

  • I do. I heard it over the 11am radio news. Adam's housemate and I promptly turned on the television (Adam's reaction? 'Meh' he grunted, turning back to his computer game.)

  • I sat in front of the television and howled at her funeral a week later.

  • I think this was for no other reason, really, because I really felt for those poor boys of hers.

  • What about you?
  • Comments on "Thirteen things about "The Queen""


    Anonymous Gabrielle said ... (8:10 am) : 

    I've watched the movie and I found it quite boring :\ Maybe I wasn't really interested in it... Anyway, have a good Thursday! My list is up here :)


    Blogger pussreboots said ... (8:17 am) : 

    I was asleep when the news came through. I agree with you about feeling sorry for her sons.

    Happy TT.


    Blogger Di said ... (9:05 am) : 

    I was sitting on the couch watching Jerry McGuire. It was my first indication of the bad karma associated with Tom Cruise.


    Blogger amy said ... (9:38 am) : 

    not sure if I will watch this but this is an interesting list


    Blogger Bryce said ... (9:53 am) : 

    I was about 5 when Diana died. But the movie was still interesting. I've always liked Queen Elizabeth for some reason.


    Blogger Janet said ... (10:29 am) : 

    I enjoyed The Queen, too. Have you seen Mrs Brown with Judi Dench? Fantastic!

    And yes, I remember hearing about Diana...I was alone in my apartment and it made me feel so sad, mostly for her boys.

    Hahahah, my word verification was loola!


    Anonymous Wacky Mommy said ... (10:50 am) : 

    i didn't believe it when Princess Diana died -- i made made my husband go buy a paper, to prove it to me, and then I bawled my eyes out. I've got "The Queen" on my list, thanks for the review.


    Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said ... (10:58 am) : 

    I remember hearing the news, maybe more vividly than when I'd heard about Stevie Ray Vaughn. Or the horror of 9/11 (maybe).

    I haven't seen The Queen yet; it's one of those movies I'm really on the fence about.

    Happy TT!


    Blogger Toni said ... (11:34 am) : 

    I will have to watch this! Thanks!
    Mine is up at Special K Family


    Blogger Qtpies7 said ... (1:29 pm) : 

    I haven't seen the movie. I'm not sure I will, either. I never was into the whole royal family thing.


    Anonymous gabriella hewitt said ... (3:55 pm) : 

    I haven't seen this movie. Tony Blair really rode the wave for a while. He transformed Labour and turned it into a party that could govern. Then he hooked up with Bush and squandered so much of the capital and reputation he had earned. It'll be interesting to see how history judges him.

    We lived in London at the time of Diana's death. I had turned on Sky TV and they had a banner running on the bottom of the screen and the announcers were dressed in black. I couldn't believe it. I ran and woke up my husband.

    The day of the funeral happened to be the day I was going back to my family in the US for a visit. The streets were quiet as we drove to Heathrow. Later in the day the procession passed down our road. At the airport they observed a moment of silence.

    It was surreal in so many ways and yet that memory is seared into my brain.

    Very interesting TT.


    Blogger Scribbit said ... (4:27 pm) : 

    Thanks this was one Andrew and I almost picked up at Blockbuster last week, glad to hear a take on it that I'd trust.


    Blogger UKZoe said ... (9:38 pm) : 

    I remember how I heard.
    We'd been to the theatre to see Les Miserables and got back home quite late. Popped the tv on just to chill down from the journey home and there it was on the news.


    Anonymous slick said ... (10:25 pm) : 

    I couldn't get interested in the movie. I think it has something to do with the male genes, I'm not sure exactly.


    Anonymous SusieJ said ... (11:07 pm) : 

    We were at a wedding when we heard -- and I watched the funeral and everything. I'll definitely be watching the movie.


    Blogger Titania Starlight said ... (1:23 am) : 

    I stayed home from school for her wedding but I did not see her funeral. Everything about this was just wrong. She was a great person with a wonderful spirit.
    Nice T13. I was speculating if I should watch Queen. I think I will pass. Thanks for the great info. :o)


    Anonymous Chris said ... (4:25 am) : 

    I still haven't seen this movie, but it's at the top of my Netflix queue, so will see it soon. Great list, my TT is up @ http://emeraldcityguy.wordpress.com/2007/06/07/thursday-thirteen-3/


    Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:23 am) : 

    Glad you asked about Blair. He appeared to handle the Diana crisis well, but has has always craved power and is a publicity seeker. The Iraq war has shown him in his true light. Besides that, he has been embroiled in many scandals here, such as giving peerages to those who donate to the party. He was nearly arrested for that. His awful wife tries to make money from her position by going on speaking tours and was involved in a scandal herself with the selling of apartments. The country will be glad when he has gone.


    Blogger Christie said ... (10:56 am) : 

    i haven't seen the movie yet but i do want to! it looks fascinating! (and wow! to jean-luc's comments, i had no idea about the real view of tony blair from this side of the pond!)
    anyway, yeah, princess di was one of those moments i remember clearly, i was getting ready for work at 3am (i worked at a tv news station), and bolted out the door as soon as i saw the bulletin on tv-- when i got there, the newsroom was already full and bustling and we went wall to wall with the news and video for days. such a terrible tragedy. anyway, thanks for stopping by my list!


    Blogger Gill said ... (3:47 pm) : 

    Very interesting to read your views on The Queen, I haven't seen it yet, but really want to.

    I can remember being woken up by a phone call from my Mum to tell me about the accident, I was gutted. I thought she was a breath of fresh air for the royal family and I was SO sad for her boys.


    Blogger Danielle said ... (4:13 pm) : 

    It's been quite a while since my last visit and I am met with a great review of a movie I haven't seen. I will definitely be checking it out for myself.

    Happy TT

    Be well and enjoy the day


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