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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quip of the week

Keira is going through Adam's postcard collection from his business trip to the USA a few years ago. She holds up a card with a picture of this place:

Keira: What's this place?
Me: The White House, darling.
Keira: The Biggest Loser's house?!
Me: Ah, well, no.......and yes. In a matter of speaking. Not in the way you mean, but....

some people would argue............

Suddenly I was hit by a Yoda-inspired quote:

"There is another"

(For non-Australians, The Biggest Loser is filmed in a gigantic white house called...the White House. So, if I need to explain, she was thinking of them; I was referring to someone else...)

Comments on "Quip of the week"


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (7:10 am) : 

nice one!


Blogger Alison said ... (7:30 am) : 

Out of the mouths of babes!


Blogger Patois said ... (8:50 am) : 

Funny encounter!


Blogger Toni said ... (10:23 am) : 

Hilarious! Mine is up at Special K Family


Blogger Dawn said ... (11:17 am) : 

Yoda knew a thing or two!


Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said ... (2:32 pm) : 

Nice one. Thanks for sharing and Happy WW.

Angel Mama ():)


Anonymous Mad goat lady said ... (4:17 pm) : 

LOL...kids gotta love em!


Blogger Digital Memories said ... (7:36 pm) : 

That is so sweet. Quick thinking. I love these moments.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:22 am) : 

A really good comment!


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