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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teaching subliminal gambling

Looking at one of Keira's preschool artworks today, I turned it over to see it was a used form guide to one of the latest Victorian racehorse gatherings.

Good Lord.

Comments on "Teaching subliminal gambling"


Blogger Daisy said ... (11:48 pm) : 

LOL!! I re-use paper in my classroom all the time, but there are limits. And my students are old enough (and curious enough!) to figure out what's on the back, so I'd better not use any gambling forms or lottery tickets.


Blogger Dawn said ... (6:26 am) : 

I'd wager my shirt she's going to be an artist!


Anonymous Liz said ... (3:04 pm) : 

The preschool is saving the environment one reused gambling form at a time!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:25 am) : 

Yeah, liz, I'm inclined to go along that that mentality too. I'm not really cranky ;)


Blogger A Mothers Life for Me said ... (8:58 pm) : 

How funny....at my sons pre-school alot of his 'art' is also on TAB race sheets. Maybe it is some weird subliminal thing!


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