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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to me!

One year ago today, I became a blogger. Come good and bad--there's been a bit of both-- I haven't regretted the decision.

I've made friends with some fantastic people, discovered writers who I cannot do without a daily syntaxical-injection of, and had a modicum of success myself (how that happened, I don't know!).

I want to thank all of you - especially my regular readers and commenter's - for making this such a community.

Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, Internet access isn't readily available. I was inundated with emails concerning my welfare*. Believe me, I was touched ;) ;)

*No, I wasn't......

Comments on "Happy Blogiversary to me!"


Blogger Jaycee said ... (10:58 am) : 

Happy blogiversary to you. You've done well in your first year and I'm sure it will continue.


Anonymous Leigh said ... (1:04 pm) : 

Happy Blogiversary! It is a great achievement.


Anonymous Meg said ... (1:22 pm) : 

Happy Blogiversary! Well done :)


Blogger Miss Eagle said ... (4:30 pm) : 

May happy returns - in day by day posting! Congratulations.

Blessings and bliss


Blogger jeanie said ... (7:50 pm) : 

Happy birthday, blog! May there be many more.


Blogger Ana said ... (1:28 am) : 

Happy blogoversary and wishing you many, many more!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:56 am) : 

Happy First Blogaversary, MM. A fine milestone.


Blogger D. Paul said ... (8:56 am) : 

well, everyone said happy first blogiversary, so i'm afraid it's a little redundant of me, but it's been great reading your work, Misc-Mum. congrats.


Anonymous mcewen said ... (9:14 am) : 

'Touched' in the best sense of the word.


Blogger Gill said ... (12:29 am) : 

Happy Blogiversary! Here's to another year of interesting posts :-)


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