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Thursday, August 09, 2007

My husband gets revenge!

When Adam pulled up in the driveway the other afternoon, it was quite a surprise as we were not officially expecting him until the following day (although my spidey-sense was tingling all day, so I kind of expected him anyway.)

So, I run outside, arms out like Melanie welcoming Ashley home in Gone With the Wind.

Hello! I say.

Hello! He says.

Kiss, kiss.

Here I am, jumping up and down in excitement, and then he turns around, pulling out a package from the car.

Look! He says! Look! Look! Look!

Oh! I say. For me?

No! He unwrapped it. It was a DVD set of the television show Top Gear.

Look! Top Gear! It's awesome. C'mon, we'll watch it when the kids go to bed.

Oh. Swell.

(Actually, it was pretty cool. I can see now why it's so popular. Have you seen it?)

Comments on "My husband gets revenge!"


Anonymous mcewen said ... (1:04 pm) : 

I have seen that programme but a whole boxed set! Could be a very expensive mistake if you end up having to buy a new car as a result!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:09 pm) : 

Matt will be so happy to have a stickbeak at it when we arrive tomorrow...he watches it every Monday, I watch it on occasional mondays. Always very entertaining.


Blogger liv said ... (2:14 pm) : 

just visiting from BlogRhet where I was stunned into submission by glamour puss staring at me in the comments.... had to check out your site! Top Gear! I need to check this out...


Blogger Tracey said ... (2:33 pm) : 

Husband has us recording this for him every Monday night. It is a good show, I begrudgingly admit, though I'm beginning to think they are getting just a bit silly this series. (We caught a few of the last series when it was on Saturday nights, and we managed to record them.)

Hilarious thing is that He puts it on to watch (often at the expense of something the girls wanted to watch) and THEN he falls asleep!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:41 am) : 

It's made here in England. Jeremy Clarkson is quite outspoken in it.


Blogger Loz said ... (2:45 pm) : 

I love it. And I'm no revhead


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:13 pm) : 

Jeremy is outspoken? In most of the clips I've seen (The DVD is a clip set) is he's pontificating about the virtues of all the cars he's testing. I'm not sure he's said anything bad yet.....maybe I haven't watched enough.

I want to see (in the bad-voyeurs way, yes, I'm naughty) the stunt where whos-his-face got into that terrible accident that he nearly died. The way they ddrive I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often!


Blogger Ana said ... (10:46 pm) : 

LOL! Well I'm glad you enjoyed the show.


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