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Monday, August 13, 2007

Roll up, roll up, plenty to go around

Recently, I escaped for a moment for a shower. Notice I said a moment, because within minutes I'd been tracked down by three individuals with heating-seeking capabilities, ever vigilant in case mum should ever get some time alone.

So, I'm standing there naked. Two children and husband are in front of me. Riley comes up and pinches a fold of skin on my hipbone. Mmm...delicious muffin top.

Adam seizes a chance. "Come on everyone! Let's get mum". Then I'm being prodded and poked for various other opportunities of fleshy real-estate. Pretty soon - well, within seconds - I get tired of this joke.

"Bugger off!" I say. "What do you think I am?"

This, apparently:

Comments on "Roll up, roll up, plenty to go around"


Blogger D. Paul said ... (7:28 am) : 

Sometimes I feel like a sausage, like last night when my girlfriend and I joined her parents for a large Saturday dinner. But hey, at least you're wearing fun red shoes.


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:14 am) : 

Sorry that just makes me annoyed, because you are a skinny thing, and if you have a muffin top, then god help the rest of us.

Plus, to be a muffin top, it must be bulging out over the top of too tight/too low pants, by girls, and women, who must not own mirrors. So you can't possibly have a muffin top when you are standing naked in the shower! So there!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (9:52 am) : 

Do the sprinkles on the top of the muffin indicate that you have eczema, or just a nasty case of dandruff? joking...:-)


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:16 am) : 

What a scenario to envisage!


Blogger Ana said ... (1:48 am) : 

LOL@ d.Paul!! too funny!

Awwww it can't be that bad, I'm sure you look great! I told my hubby the other day I look like a fat bellied frog (I'm 22 weeks preggo). He had enough sense not to agree. I don't think women are ever pleased with their bodies no matter the circumstance.


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