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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WW - Bathtime games

Tag? Something like this: "I am not amused."

Comments on "WW - Bathtime games"


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (7:50 am) : 

That face really IS a picture! Happy WW


Anonymous Shelly said ... (10:04 am) : 

awww........that's a familiar expression...


Blogger Jaycee said ... (10:09 am) : 

That's so funny. One day when they're in therapy they'll be able to show this photo and say that this is what they were subjected to as a child.


Blogger Sephyroth said ... (11:03 am) : 

"Why, oh why, is that camera in my face when I should be getting a bath?"



Anonymous Brian said ... (11:05 pm) : 

The name's not Emeril.


Blogger Ana said ... (11:17 pm) : 

Too sweet that lil pout! I'd be kising those juicy cheeks all day long. Happy WW!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:39 am) : 

Another one a child will look at in years to come when grown up.


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