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Friday, October 05, 2007

Daily Snippet

I walk into the bathroom to see Keira standing up on the counter top, applying my lip gloss with practiced ease.

Even better, she sees my reflection behind her and says casually, "Mum, can you pass me a tissue to blot out the lipstick?"

May I say, it'll be a relief once she turns three-and-a-half, because I'm not sure this is a normal conversation to have with an ordinary three-year-old. By three-and-a-half, I'm sure we can then talk about more sophisticated things like the dangers of wedge sandals, and the fashion suicide of blue eyeshadow (when worn with green, of course).

Edit: I'm tip-toeing around Blogger this morning like it was some sort of temperamental diva. I have no idea if this will post or not! Let's see....

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Blogger slouching mom said ... (3:43 am) : 

As the mother of two boys, I must admit that what you've written here is a foreign language to me.

She's only three?!

Good luck with that. LOL!


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