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Thursday, October 04, 2007

YouTube Time - this time, starring my own child

This footage was taken this past weekend: Riley's first ever drop-to-the-floor screaming tantrum. Why? Because I wouldn't give him another biscuit.

He certainly has a shorter temper than his sister. Keira very rarely has tantrums, and her first ever one of this calibre was really only last year sometime.

I personally love his Sean Penn attitude towards the camera at the end, "Get out of my face!"

Some of you may detect my giggling during shooting. Some of you may also think it's callous to laugh at my child's pain. Let me say, I ran the usual gamut of emotions before this point: shock, dismay, reasoning, etcetc. By this point, I'd just past bemused and was headed right for hysterics.

Anyone else laugh at their kid's tantrum pranks?

ps just adding that it's a year ago today that I uploaded my first youtube video of....Riley. I had no idea until I just happened to see the link. That is so spooky....

Comments on "YouTube Time - this time, starring my own child"


Blogger Jonathan said ... (7:57 am) : 

You need to wheel this video back out at his wedding.


Anonymous Kin said ... (8:41 am) : 

That's hilarious. I always laugh at my kids tantrums. Although now I have two approaches. If they're tired I ignore it and get them to bed as soon as possible, and if they're not tired and just being cantankerous, I tell them I don't want to hear it and they can go sook in their room. Works about 90% of the time.


Blogger Tracey said ... (9:28 am) : 

Love the end. Poor kid, now with video evidence- although I have to say "Could do better." Where's the self mutilation? Just a couple of days ago we were reminiscing about the tantrums our youngest used to chuck. Drumming her heels into the pavers once, so that she broke the skin and couldn't wear shoes for a week or more. And giving herself carpet burn on her nose! We only have photographic evidence of the nose.


Blogger Sandy Carlson said ... (10:08 am) : 

My mom has pictures of mine. Humbling, even at this ripe age of 40! But she laughs!


Anonymous jen at semantically driven said ... (4:31 pm) : 

Yes, I've been known to laugh at my son when he's having a tantrum. If I don't do this I'll end up getting really stressed.


Anonymous Jordan (MamaBlogga) said ... (5:49 am) : 

Better than laugh. My son's first tantrum like this was when he was 18 months. My youngest sister (an expert, I suppose) decided he wasn't throwing a good enough tantrum and started coaching him. "Now lay down on the floor. Now kick your legs. Scream a little more."


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