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Monday, August 28, 2006


Considering the feedback I got yesterday on my shower post (both on the board here and off of it) I guess I should do 'big' ones like that more often. And I will - when I get time!

Then, once I hit the big league, I'll have to worry about people pinching my stuff!
(Free plug to Darren's site which I've fallen in love with).

If you read the above link you may be shocked at the stupidity of that journalist/newspaper. Plagurism stinks. Goes to show you never can be too sure who's reading your stuff. And you can be also pretty damn sure blog-contents are being moderated more than you think they are, even if it's 'only' by their own authors. Not hard to see why......

Added later: Oh, I have to do my proud-mama bear, beating the chest with pride, bit here: Riley's cut his first TWO teeth today, both at the same time. I couldn't believe it when I saw them. People have been telling me he could've been teething, but I didn't believe it. Keira was 7 months before she got her first one, and Riley's only 5.5 months. Goes to show I can't rely on past experiences for everything. He's also taking it better than she did (touch wood).

Comments on "Monday-itis"


Anonymous Tracey said ... (4:27 pm) : 

So when you start earning from your blog, will you pay commission on any comments I contribute?!!

Actually, you are starting to inspire me...

And yes, seems to me that 'themes', rather than daily recounts, are what makes a good blog.

I did like your shower theme!

And I've bookmarked Darren's site too, now.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:46 pm) : 

I'd like to hear how I'm inspiring you, T :) ;)


Anonymous Tracey said ... (9:31 pm) : 

Inspiring me to consider activating that blog I started and join the ranks of the blogging hopefuls (in terms of becoming a professional, money-earning blogger!) Somehow I don't think I quite have the gift of the gab... :S


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