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Friday, August 25, 2006

Wish lists and need-to-knows

I’ve decided that Fridays – along with any updates from the family – can be of what the title above implies. What’s new and what’s important from this week (at least to me). Or, at least interesting and entertaining.
Or all of the above.

This the reason why I’m very cautious about buying any sort of take-out food anymore
This might be a little naieve of me to ask, as I'm to too sure of the internal workings of canteens, or of how Hep A is spread, but don’t canteen workers need to wear gloves? If not, shouldn’t they? Isn’t it a policy in most other general fast food or food court shops? Or in this case wouldn't it have even mattered?

Pap Smear Warning
Sure, we all hate them. Bring on the day when you can get a blood test to do the same thing (it’s in the pipeline, apparently). But we still need to get them done!

Wish list
U-Bra Revolution
New “U-beaut” (Sorry, couldn’t help it) bra to hit our shores. And, to my surprise, it doesn’t cost a fortune. I can’t wear it now (the breastfeeding thing…) but I’d be interested to hear if its actually any good. I have some dresses I can’t wear now because my existing bras would show. This would solve that problem.
(I could go bra-less but alas those days are over. Again, I have the breastfeeding to thank…)

A sneaker that helps you lose weight and cellulite? All just by walking or doing whatever you’d normally do in a sneaker? Bring it on!
They cost a pretty penny, but are they worth it?
Someone let me know!

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