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Friday, September 01, 2006



And Melbourne's putting up a show today. Its supposed to be in the twenties degrees (celcius) which is 'tropical', Adam and I say to each other, laughing. Certainly different to the weather we grew up with. So we'll take the sunshine and clear skies, anytime thanks.

I'll be AWOL over the weekend. We're having family coming to stay which is exciting. It has certainly spurred on a rush of spring cleaning this week, so I am happy to say the house looks 'almost' in pristine condition.

If you just ignore the walls that need painting.
Our cracked tiles.
The spots in the bathroom that need re-grouting (crappy builders).


See you later!

I can't resist this. Now his teeth have come through, his face is less angry looking. Note the singlet - proof of today's lovely weather! What a spunk.

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