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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No place like home

The title is a quote from “The Wizard of Oz”, when at the end Dorothy realises personal happiness and fulfilment were to be found from within rather than externally.
(If I wanted to go out on my literary tangent here, the allegorical significance of “Oz” is really interesting. Go here to learn more).

Anyway, I’m saying that today because, last night, I was stumped because I had ‘nothing’ to read and all the library books I’d gotten recently were duds. So I go to my bookcase and have a proper look for the first time in ages. (Now, not to brag, but Adam and I have a LOT of books, but they’re mostly all in storage because we can’t fit them into our house. We had to pick carefully which ones we actually do want inside.) I was surprised and, moreover, happy, to find many of my ‘all time favourites’ so tonight I’ll take my time and have another look and surely, SURELY then I’ll find something to settle down with!
Tomorrow I might do a post, following today’s theme, on something like “Books which I’ve been all excited to read from hype, but only find them to be dumb/boring”. A top-ten list or something. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!!

On the home front, there’s not much news. We got our carpets cry-cleaned yesterday and they look really nice again. And, despite my BEST efforts, guess what the first stain to happen was?



In Keira's defence, it was an accident. She was trying to be helpful. She'd done a poo and was trying to empty it into the toilet.

Added later: my gosh, it must be a developmental week for Riley or something, but today's he's been rolling like nothing else, and just then I walked away while he was on his tummy and I come back and he's crawled backwards along the floor! WOW

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Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:46 pm) : 

“Books which I’ve been all excited to read from hype, but only find them to be dumb/boring”.
Two words: Moby Dick. Melville must have been on something when he wrote that- he spends a sentence describing how white the whale is. I'm okay with that. But that one single sentence is stretched out over A PAGE AND A HALF!!! Who has the time??


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