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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Suri, it's a miracle!

Well, Suri Cruise has been shown to the world and wasn’t it worth the wait? (She says, without a lick of irony. Truly.)

What I can’t believe is how nasty people are about the whole situation. In my opinion, sure, say what you want about her cuckoo dad—and even that’s debateable – but c’mon, she’s a baby! Leave her alone! You would never go up to a stranger on the street and say such mean things to their child; why do you think it’s ok to do the same to celebrity strangers?

Even Adam came home and said, “She looks Asian!” Does she? Why? Because she has black hair? I think, in the words of wise elders I’ve heard say on many occasions, about many babies, “She looks like herself”.

On the home front, Riley’s gotten the lurgy too, and my throat is a bit ticklish. At least I had a better night with him. I got roughly about 6 straight hours of sleep, which I really needed.

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