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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whole lotta poo

I thought I’d seen it all before today. Being the primary nappy changer, you come across all weird kinds of stuff (literally). But this morning…whew. I was speechless.

Riley wakes up, and I go to change his nappy. He’d––we’d––had a very rough night. I was up every two hours. I figured it was either his teeth or his bowels (colic). His nappy was dirty when I opened it…and then he went again.
And again.
And again.
It wouldn’t stop! He was a volcano and, well, I’m sure I don’t need to end the metaphor….

By the time he’d finished––and I was in there a good ten minutes waiting––he’d ruined, by way of me mopping up the ‘excess’:
1. one bedspread
2. two bunny-rugs
3. one towel
4. And Keira’s confidence that everything her brother did was all cute and clean.

She took one look at the pile of pooey mess and curled up her lip and nose and ran out of the room. I don’t blame her.

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Anonymous Trace said ... (10:11 am) : 

Oh dear, when my stomach momentarily heaved when I read that (I was eating my breakfast!).. I realised that I had finally escaped that stage of my life! A stage when, because it was a major happening of your day, you had no trouble talking about poo, and vomit and the like, because your baby or toddler's bowel and bladder movements can make such an impact on your day.. You deal with it almost with a disbelief that you are there, dealing with it, sometimes.. and talking about it is something that only other parents can relate to.

So I will share! Actually, it was the Daddy who copped one of the worst 'poo' scenarios when our firstborn was two years and two months old, and I was in hospital when #2 was born. Both #1 and I had had gastric over the previous few days.. and she wasn't quite over it in the rear end department.

Daddy thought he'd prove he was a legend and use cloth nappies for her. After visiting us in hospital in the morning, they met up with the grandparents at a cafe for lunch before all coming to see us again later.

First Born had got up from the table when they were leaving the cafe, and started walking funny...

Their suspicions were confirmed... yep, it was a biggie, and of course had leaked out of the nappy down her leg and everywhere.

The mother in law was very impressed with the Daddy as he took control of the clean up, back at the car, only using her help to hold open the plastic bag.

Poor guy, he always seemed to cop it when I was out of action. #2 (at three years old) wet her pants while sitting on his lap when I was in hospital with #3!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:21 pm) : 

"your baby or toddler's bowel and bladder movements can make such an impact on your day"

Ain't it the truth--and ain't it sad!

You know, I saw on TV that the bowel is the closest 'relative' to the brain in terms of matter, composition and hormonal flux. They're kind of like in a symbiosis...which makes sense! If your bowels aren't happy, gee you sure do know it.


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