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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Secret, chocolate sin

Oh, I couldn't resist tonight. I needed chocolate and I ate it! It'll make Riley's skin breakout, but I couldn't stop myself................

.....well, hey, I'll think of it as a science experiement. If he doesn't breakout, then I know he's grown out of that intolerance (here's hoping).

If his exzema does flare up, well, d'oh. Bugger. Damn.

Gee it tasted good though!!

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Anonymous Shelly said ... (10:38 am) : 

Last Tuesday I went to Coles and bought, among other things, a family size block of rocky road chocolate. Fully intending to share it with my housemate when she got home from tafe. I ate one row. Then another. By the time Ruth got home I had eaten the lot. I didn't eat anything else for dinner that night. I was content.


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