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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home again!

Well, here we are. We've walked through the door and already I've been met with the problems that I was more than happy to forget about for a little while. Like, just how to solve our toy storage situation when we've come home armed with tonnes more (enough for my little sister to have to drag a suitcase worth next weekend).

But it was nice to see Keira run around and reaquaint herself with her toys. Even Riley, once I put him on the floor, made a beeline for his favourite toy - a drum, and proceeded to bang on that happily for a while.

Now though, he's screaming in his now unfamiliar cot and I'm going to have to figure out a strategy to deal with his deplorable sleeping habits - formed out of necessity from the travelling, admittedly, but those I doubt I can cope with now I'm home and without extra pairs of hands.

I'll post more over the next few days about our holiday, which seems in the dim past even though it hasn't technically finished yet!

Miss me, anyone?!

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Blogger Milly Mum said ... (7:19 pm) : 

Welcome home. Can't wait to hear all about your hols and yes we certainly missed you. Hope Riley and Keira sleep well tonight so you guys get a good sleep as well.


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