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Friday, December 08, 2006

When I don't have much to say

I'm really on holiday mode now. My mind is pretty much mush. I can't help but think it's ironic that the weather here is comparitively mild, whereas in my home state, its blistering hot.

(Note I said home state! Does that mean I'm becoming "mexican", as most New South Welshmen call any Victorian)

I believe Adam's father has been fighting fires near Coonabarabran, so I hope he, and every other firefighter, keeps safe.

I could mention the books I borrowed from the library the other day, but am about to return, all except the James Ellroy (strange writer, but I'm giving him a go) and a Gene Wolfe (very wordy, which doesn't usually faze me, but read: mushy brain)

I'm also quite depressed as I heard news today about a friend's health issue (I'd better not go into further detail, sorry) and I'm just going to hug the kids a bit harder today - until Riley bites me, that is!

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Blogger D. Paul said ... (12:04 pm) : 

Sorry to hear about your friend's health. Hope everything works out.


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