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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Was that me?! Really?!

"I have a clear memory of miscmum's tears when she turned 20, upon her realisation that she was halfway to 40. Remember that? What is your opinion on that particular frame of mind now, miscmum? Do you still wish you were 20 or are you happy with the experiences you have accumulated since then?"

That was a comment on my revious post from my reflective and long memory-blessed sister.

Do I wish I was 20 again? Honestly, sometimes yes. Then I could drink a bottle of champagne on my own and suffer no hangover. Now I can't drink a glass without my liver trying to process the alcohol with the highest level of discomfort and anger. I was about to embark on a Masters degree, so I was souped-up on academic jargon and thought I was so smart. Now, I have to think hard to string a coherent, yet amusing, sentence together.

I was also determined to be a "serious" published author by the time I was 25, just like Zadie Smith, or Bret Easton Ellis, or any other number of talented individuals. Needless to say, that hasn't passed.

But I think I'm a happier person now, than then. I'm more settled in my skin.

So if that's the tradeoff you get for getting older, then I think I'll be ok.

Comments on "Was that me?! Really?!"


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:46 pm) : 

There's hope yet, K. I can now drink a heap more (before I get a headache) than I could at 20! (Maybe it's just that now we can afford good wine...)


Blogger Elizabeth said ... (3:25 am) : 

Mary Poppins. Now that was seriously funny. Good one Keira!

Happier is good. In fact happier is excellent.


Anonymous jeanie said ... (9:35 am) : 

Hey there

Delurking to say I have a family like that too - not an opportunity passes where my father doesn't remind me I was going to be very rich by 30 - ha ha ha ha ha

I think being comfortable in your skin and enjoying your journey is way more important than reaching set destinations by a timeline.


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