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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunny Skies Again

Well, the rain has gone (I think). I am pretty sure it has because all of us, to varying degrees, have a bit of sunburn. Keira has taken to the water with gusto; having already fit in three beach visits and a pool swim today before her nap.

I am having less of a relaxing time as yet, as Riley again has decided sleeping is not on his 'to do' list, so is only having one sleep a day and barely an hour at that. Throw in bad nights, and you have one grumpy mumma.

I do feel slightly better though when, during my 7am pram walks with Riley to keep the house quiet, I see other bedraggled looking dads/parents out at similar hours walking their equally lively and bored babies--possibly to give their partners a bit of a lie in. We're all a comradely bunch. I'm now on a waving and 'hey, hows it going?' status with several people already.

Better sign off now. I'm about out of computer credit.

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Anonymous pixie said ... (8:32 am) : 

My brother's 3 month old is awake most of the day. It amazes us. At least she sleeps ok at night - wakes for a couple of feeds but goes back to sleep.

I was so lucky, son slept all through night and had decent sleeps in day also.

Remind me not to test my luck with another. XP


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