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Sunday, December 10, 2006

When doing a Good Thing can be hard

My parents, to their credit, have been lifelong blood givers. It's been something I've been meaning to do for a long time. So when mum got a reminder letter on Friday for some open session times next week, I rang up to volunteer. The lady on the phone was delighted. It was looking promising until she read off a criteria I had to pass to see if I was eiligble.

"Have you had a baby in the past nine months?"
"Well, yes, I have - although it barely counts because he's nine months on Sunday" (Happy nine month birthday, Riley!)
"Ok, I can let that pass. You see, if you have a small baby we don't tend to accept women, because their bodies are still generally recovering and we do what's best for her, and the baby. Are you breastfeeding?"
"Ah - - well, unfotunately we don't let mothers give blood, pretty much for the same reason as above. Come back when you've weaned"

D'oh. Some lucky person has missed out on my A+ blood.

Comments on "When doing a Good Thing can be hard"


Blogger Tracey said ... (12:29 pm) : 

I dragged a friend with me to give blood once. Turned out she had possibly spent more than a few months, cumulatively, in the UK back in the 80s or 90s (can't remember exact time frame), so they couldn't take her because of the Mad Cow thingy.. (proper name Creuts-whatever...)

I'm going to give blood on Thursday after a bit of a break. Actually.. reminds me, I really should check.. I had a general anaesthetic back in early August.. they might well not want me!!


Anonymous Liz said ... (10:20 am) : 

The last time I tried to give blood, they were going to test me (I had major appendicitis within the previous 5 years). My veins collapsed on them and they told me, "you're too skinny, go and have a baby and come back when you've put on some weight" (!) Rejected by the blood bank...I haven't been game to try again.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:36 pm) : 

T- ah so that was why I got the "did you live in the UK in the early 80's?" question

liz - seems like its harder for some of us than others to give blood and thats something I would never have thought!


Anonymous pixie said ... (7:28 pm) : 

You might be under the weight thingy anyway. I think 45kg is the cutoff.


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