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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Misc Mum leaves civilisation

Hi all. It’s Adam here.

I’m writing this post on behalf of Misc Mum who is unable to find any internet access. She is currently holidaying with her parents up in the sunny (and very warm) town of Kempsey. Telstra decided that this week would be good time to upgrade her parents Internet plan (for free), and of course they haven’t had Internet access since.

Misc Mum would like to apologise for missing the last few day’s Blogs and hopes you will forgive her. She is trying to contact Telstra Bigpond’s Internet support, but has been unable to get through (probably due to several hundred other people having the same issue). Hopefully we will have her back online in the next few days.
I will also try to get some holiday pics off her to post.

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Blogger Tracey said ... (9:47 pm) : 

Just so she knows she's missed!


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