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Thursday, December 28, 2006

When the air transit system leaves a lot to be desired

I forgot to mention yesterday that Adam's bag was lost en route from Sydney to Melbourne. This hasn't happened to us before but I now see why people get so frustrated. After waiting in line for ages at the airport, tired and with a wriggly baby, our details were blearily taken and we were told it should be back with us by last night.

We even got a call confirming that it would be with us sometime between 8pm-10pm. A bit late, but OK. Adam stays up. We tape a "Do not ring doorbell - sleeping baby" sign over our doorbell because Riley was the baby from hell and was sleeping against his wishes. I went to bed early and went out at 11.30pm to find Adam awake - albeit playing games. But no bags.

Needless to say, we were peeved.

I was on the customer service line this morning as soon as they opened. After waiting 20 min I gave up waiting; the "your call has progressed in the queue" spiel was making me see red. I was annoyed because a) they didn't show and b) we didn't get the courtesy of a call saying they wouldn't be coming.

Eventually, THEY called US, and the courier had apparently told them he had come and no one was home. The killer was he said "he rang our doorbell".


Adam had 'words' apparently, but the upshot is we're still waiting for our bags. I hope it's the same courier, because I'm going to show him the sign again and say "recognise this?!"

Lucky for us we didn't have any essential medication or documents in there. The most important thing, apart from our camera, was our toothbrushes. We're walking around today with fuzzy teeth and it's not nice!

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Anonymous pixie said ... (7:29 pm) : 

He rang the bell? Yeah right. I would have steam coming out my ears.


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