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Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - Greetings!

(I'm sick of reading "Happy New Year, I thought I'd try something different in my title)

How was everyone's New Year's Eve? Mine? Well, as usual, I was in bed at 10pm, but was probably up with Riley at Midnight-ish anyway, so I'm going to count that as 'seeing it in'.

This morning, typically, I turned on the TV to see all the morning talk shows devoted to the theme - "How to keep your New Year's Resolutions". I enjoy (no - enjoy is the wrong word) I take advantage of this time and I do make what I suppose is a 'resolution' (s), but I prefer to think of them as goals.

What I find sad is how so many people make resolutions (I'm talking good ones here- the 'I will not eat chocolate' ones never stick) and don't see them through. I am one of those people, sometimes, too. And sometimes our intentions are thwarted by external factors. For example, for the past few years it's been my goal to keep in touch with friends/family better. So I do the usual email update thing and think that's it, good job. Then I get really frustrated, dare I say upset, when these communicados are not reciprocated and I think "Bugger this" and stop. So who's fault is it then when I end the year and not have a clue what some of my nearest and dearest have been thinking/feeling/doing/trying? Not sure. Perhaps I am approaching the resolution in the wrong spirit, or the wrong direction.

OK, enough philosophising. I know you're wanting some sort of list, so here's what I wish I could do in 2007. But because I am hardly a time-leisured person, I know they'll never happen. Maybe. Who knows? We might win the lottery (actually, we did on the weekend, but I hardly think 5th division counts).

In 2007 I wish I could:

1) Learn more about the arts. I love galleries and such, but am sick of wandering around feeling like a philistine. It's not enough for me to just point at a picture and say 'I like that'. I want to know why its good.
2) Learn more about photography. Same reasons as above.
3) Not be so scared to plan activities just in case "it interferes with the kid's naps". I know why I'm afraid if Riley doesn't get his daily quota now (you should just see him have a sleep-deprived meltdown) but hopefully as the year goes on and he gets older, it won't play as much of a factor.
4) Get fitter. Ha!! you say, everyone says that. Well, yes and no. Most people say they want to lost weight. I have pretty much lost all my baby fat. No, I want to get fitter. I want to be able to spontaneously get up and dance if a Wiggles song comes on TV. I can do that now, but usually regret it later with a torn muscle.
5) Get more work done. My writing work. Have I said I feel like Holly Hunter in The Piano much lately?

I'd better scooch off my butt here. I hope you're all nursing hangovers this morning, because you know what they say, 'bad day after means great night before'.

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Anonymous Shelly said ... (10:09 am) : 

I always have the same old chestnut for a resolution: Save more money. Never happens...
But mark my words, it will happen in 2007!!!
(It won't.)


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