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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beach re-cap #1

Well, as I reneged on writing the actual account of our trip to the beach, here are some sneak peeks back onto our great week there.

I will say now that I did not take these pictures. They were taken by my cousin-in-law (is there such a thing?) who was also staying. He is a great photographer and gave me permission to use what I wanted here. Thanks Chris, buddy.

Here is a cropped picture that, well, I just like. But there's also a story behind it. This day was really quite cold, and yet Keira wanted to go swimming, but we forgot her suit. So Adam drove back to get it while I waited on the beach with the kids. While I was chasing Riley, I turned around to see Keira had stripped nude within seconds. OK, fine, I could live with that. I turned around to chase Riley who'd taken off again in those seconds I was looking at Keira. When I turn around again, I saw Keira...eh...how do I say this...squatting in between rocks...eh...defecating.

Oh gross! What's more, there were people sitting all around us! What were they thinking of me?! I was absolutely mortified. I cleaned up the mess and waited forlornly for Adam's return.

And as you can see, he forgot her pants, but no matter - she'd already gone to the toilet....

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