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Friday, January 05, 2007

Your typical morning in the family household

Well, it's 8.30am, and already Keira is out the back watering the garden (in reserved bathwater from last night - may I add. Don't want to get into trouble with the water police). Did I mention she was nude? No? Sorry, I thought that was a given as these days she is stripping nude quicker than...well, any metaphor you can think to insert here. I'm letting her do this because a) it must already be 25 degrees outside so b)she'll be cooped up later.

And Riley? Well, he's lost his appetite these past few days, so isn't eating much breakfast. To keep his interest in sitting in the high chair, i give him a second teaspoon to play with, but he's discovered if he holds it up defensively he can halt the procession of food to his mouth and so we end up looking like a pair of duelling swordsmen out of an Errol Flynn movie and so eventually I give up.

What's going on where you live?

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