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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new dimension of domestic happiness

This year, for the first time ever, Adam and I have signed up for a newspaper delivery service. For four days out of the week our paper will be thrown out of some local's car window towards, roughly, hopefully, the direction of our letterbox.

Big deal, may say some of you. Not me! I feel like now I'm in a whole new world; each morning, I can amble out in my nightgown, lean over and grunt as I pick up the news of the world, stand back up again and couch the small of my back in my hand and wish I wasn't feeling so old; just like I see on any number of American (or for that matter, Australian) television shows. If I'm really lucky, I'll see a neighbour and wave and say "Mornin'!" brightly. I may appraise the weather and decide what clothes will be appropriate to wear that day. I may even take a deep breath and take a moment to enjoy this new day of life I've been blessed to be given.

That, or, I may have to bring along my toddler - nay, almost preschooler- who insists on coming and unwrapping the plastic, as if it's a present, in between wanting to run out in the traffic: or, I can bounce a 10kg+ (20+ pound) baby on my hip and realise again just why my spine is dangerously unaligned. All this whilst trying to keep my dressing-gown tied up. I don't think the neighbours would appreciate a streaker. Or maybe they would?

Conclusion: if all continues well, I may be one step off warm fuzzy slippers, or embark on a quest to perfect a home-made martini, or some other symbol of 1950's glamour.

Or not.


Comments on "A new dimension of domestic happiness"


Blogger Tracey said ... (11:48 am) : 

In amidst the 50s housewife images you've created, I'm getting flashes of Kath and Kim; the rolled up newspaper landing all over the place.. and the time they decided to go nude.

Are you sure you don't live in Fountain Lakes?


Blogger Elizabeth said ... (1:43 pm) : 

Makes me almost wish my paper wasn't delivered right into my mailbox and can be retrieved from inside the house.


Anonymous local girl said ... (8:13 pm) : 

LOL! I would hate to have to walk out on a cold morning to retrieve my paper. I hope your paper boy/girl gets a better aim!

Thank you for sharing this with the Carnival of Family Life.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:20 pm) : 

Wow - that was a Kath and Kim inspired kind of scene, wasn't it? I could live there, easily.


Blogger strauss said ... (10:25 am) : 

Here in Canada we get our papers dropped into the letter slot in the front door or the box attached to the wall next to the front door - least where I live anyways -they'd be soaking wet otherwise. I always hated the frustrated scramble to find the invisible end of the plastic wrap covering the Aussie papers, and wasn't overly impressed in having to savenge through the neighbours garden hunting for my misfired paper.


Blogger Mert said ... (2:10 am) : 

LOL! I can picture you with your toddler or baby, unable to straighten up after bending over... then having to give them a piggyback ride back to the house.
Great post! Here from the CFL.


Blogger Kerri said ... (2:24 am) : 

What a fun post! I picture you in my mind, bed head and all. :)

Here via CoFL


Anonymous Lisa said ... (12:30 pm) : 

It is funny how much we cling to old fashioned things like stepping out in pjs to pick up the paper. I usually read my local paper online. Your story almost makes we want to have it delivered to my front door!!

Here via the carnival of family life.


Blogger Desert Songbird said ... (2:41 pm) : 

My neighbors across the street trained their Labrador Retriever to run out the front door, pick up the newspaper, and deliver to them while they wait at the door. I've NEVER seem my neighbor in her jammies!

Here via the CofFL.


Blogger DigitalRich said ... (6:11 am) : 

Newspaper? What is a newspaper? Is that sort of like real news, you know, the kind you read on the internet, actually PRINTED on a piece of paper that does not come out of your printer? Weird. Is it like all about stuff that happened a day ago or more?

Here via Carnival of Family Life


Blogger tiggerprr said ... (12:21 pm) : 

What a visual! I dream of just going out in my jammies to get my paper. Haven't done it yet, though. I'm too bashful! Here via CFL:


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