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Friday, January 12, 2007

Clouds with silver linings do exist

I've been struggling this week. For some reason, I've been suffering a bit of insomnia - not like me at all - and when you factor that in with Riley's usual tricks of waking every 2.5 hours in the night, plus the heat, plus Keira's usual exuberance and, well, I'm spent. Normally I can count on Adam a bit to pick up my slack, but he's been working late nights. Last night alone he did not get home until 10.30pm.

When I get sleep deprived to this degree, that's when the little anxiety gremlins in my mind start busting out of their little dormant cocoons. For example, for the past few days three sex offenders have been loose in the city, after escaping from a high security facility (well, supposedly high security. They let themselves out with a key). So, naturally, every time I hear the house settle, or there's a noise out the front, I freeze and prepare myself for an immanent house invasion. Thank God they were caught this morning, but you get the picture.

Now, to make this story a bit brighter. This morning I logged onto the computer and checked my emails and found a message from the researchers of this, telling me they'd heard of my interest and to personally encourage me to try and get something together, if I can. I can't express just how much that has helped my...emotional buoyancy, I guess you'd call it.

So thanks Shana and May. I will try.

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