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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Keira, artiste extraordinaire

Yesterday, Keira was drawing on her etch-a-sketch. She drew this*:

Me: What's that?

Her: An eye.

I was impressed by her wanting to draw an eye, but wondered its oversized nature. Where was the second one to go? If, indeed, she was wanting a conventional look. Who know, she may be an impressionist.

Then, she added this:

Her: Now, there are two eyes.

Of course! It was a face to start with!

All it needed was some embellishments** and it was complete!
Please note, this alien is not giving you the finger, as Adam first believed. He is, in fact, making a peace sign. Upon reflection, perhaps this is why many of the wars of the world have been waged: due to an insufficient ability to recognise the simplest of hand signals.

*This drawing is a reenactment. I did it myself. Rest assured, her's was much better.
**Embellishments also done by me; these time originals.

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Comments on "Keira, artiste extraordinaire"


Anonymous Lisa said ... (2:47 am) : 

I think we could all learn a thing or two from a child. It is a cute drawing, very creative.

Here via the carnival of family life.


Blogger Rory said ... (10:13 am) : 

I am so interested to see the progress of children through their ability to draw. (What am I, some kind of psychologist?) How, gradually, their scribbles become more definite, the circles become circles drawn on purpose. I mean, this "eye" is great!

They don't realise it, of course. They draw something spectacular (to us) and straight away they reach for the lever - chk-ggzzzzzz - and it's gone. So, kudos on the re-enactment.


Blogger Stephanie said ... (2:52 am) : 

very sweet little aritist and insightful mom!

Here via CFL


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