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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

*Cue the tissues* or Keira's first day at preschool

Well, it doesn't really count yet. This was only orientation and she can't begin 3 year old preschool by law until April, but we're getting closer by the day and it's scary. It's scary enough it's almost February.

She was very excited. Once we got there, she was running all over, checking out all the little 'areas'. Boy, I would've had fun too. Adam was working from home today and came along too and I think was hoping on getting 'brownie' points for being a lone dad, but there was another dad there, so sorry mate.

Riley loved it as much as Keira. Given his obsession with toilets and bathrooms at the moment, he was in heaven with all the minature toilets and clothes hooks and taps etc. He was even licking the floor. Ewwww! Gee, I wonder why he's just gotten sick? I wonder why he doesn't get sick more often.

Most of the other mothers there knew each other from playgroups and so the kids knew each other already. Keira was happy playing on her own, so that didn't matter. I kind of felt left out when I heard all the other mother's talk about their pelvic floor muscles. Part of me thought: "Oh, come on, can't you think of anything else to talk about?" the other part of me thought: "Please ask me about my pelvic floor muscles! Please!"

All in all a successful day. It will be different once she's there alone for a session and the shine has rubbed off.

But she will get to create more masterpieces like this: her first preschool painting.

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Comments on "*Cue the tissues* or Keira's first day at preschool"


Blogger strauss said ... (9:29 am) : 

Oh, her painting is gorgeous.
My daughter would be starting pre-school in April too, if we still lived in Australia, but she has to wait until September in North America...she is ready NOW.
Can't believe women stood around talking about their pelvic floor - that kind of sucks.


Blogger jeanie said ... (1:39 pm) : 

I wonder why he doesn't get sick more often.

Possibly to do with the fact that he does lick the occasional floor!!!

I loved her artwork too - the main feature for me is that it is FLAT! It is once they get onto the 3D constructions to bring home that storage really becomes an issue.

I have discussed pelvic floors before, but always behind closed doors in a hushed tone with women I know really, really well (or on internet discussion boards, but the closed doors, hushed tone and women I know really really well still applies).

Not at school on the first day of PRE-SCHOOL. Sorry, on the orientation day. Sheesh - can you believe some other women out there!

I mean, I don't think I spoke to anyone other than the teacher and my child on that day - I can feel your wish to be included - but that first day is the same whether you are an adult or child.

It is maintaining the balance between chronic shyness (Adam should have got brownie points for not leaving you in this situation), avoiding cliquiness and blurting out personal details. It is a very hard thing to hurdle.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (4:13 pm) : 

jeanie, the preschool teacher had some good advice about that. shesaid thats when digital cameras are fantastic. you take a picture and then don't have to feel bad when it comes to turfing stuff (keeping all the really good stuff but)

the pelvic floor convo came up via a pregnant woman though, so I guess it's kind of legitimate.!


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