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Friday, April 27, 2007

Frivolity with Hi-5 again

In my usual position, we were watching 'Classic' Hi-5 (circa 2000). Back when the set was as well lit as a porno movie and the costumes were decidedly less fluorescent (and thus less expensive) than their current-era extravaganzas. This was the "Animal Adventures" video and, boy, I finally got to see some Nathan and Kellie action!

I've talked before about their love-affair and lamented on their not being seen together.

This time I did! They were dancing close and didn't I nearly flip out when I saw him put her hands on her hips!

Karen is dialling a number. She punches the numbers so fast she has to hang up and start over.

Operator: 000. What is your emergency?

Karen: Please, you've got to help me.
I need to find a life.

Comments on "Frivolity with Hi-5 again"


Blogger jeanie said ... (10:01 am) : 

lol I remember when Hi-5 and Blues Clues were the high points of my day! Still haven't had the heart to get rid of the old videos, either, because they represented a certain freedom for me!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (10:12 am) : 

that's so funny :-) I can totally imagine your excitement, however i don't think you need to be concerned unless you are still this excited about Kellie and Nathan once the kids are at primary school doing their own thing and you are still watching for clues for the romance. Then I would be worried. As long as they are still into Hi-5 and you are watching it with them you've got to spice it up somehow...


Anonymous Megan said ... (1:24 pm) : 

How do you know what a porno movie looks like? :P


Blogger Linda said ... (6:32 pm) : 

I took notice the first time I saw it after I heard they were a couple.

My youngest has started school now. I have old videos of Hi-5, however, we have played them so often they actually grate a little now. This is a new thing, possibly caused by the youngest going to school. I said it wouldn't happen lol.



Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:47 am) : 

Megan makes a good point about the porno movie.

I've never heard og Hi-5!


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