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Monday, April 16, 2007

Question and Answer Time

"Misc Mum - what's with all this self-help s**t?"

What an adroit question; brief, yet lovingly phrased.

I am no medium, but I can virtually see you at your computer, cloaked in darkness, sipping your Red Bull as you're waiting for a patch to download to run your latest-release PC game, and wasting time on other people's blogs in the meantime, being nasty.

You're probably young enough to think that the only self-knowledge that's important is to memorise your World of Warcraft character's skills and attributes because it would really come in handy if you're ambushed in a PvP realm. (Oh yeah, I can roll with them. We both know I know what I'm talking about here.*)

Yet the question is accidentally interesting. What would you have me do, Mr. Obscure-Hotmail-address-account? Do you want me to rant endlessly about my kids, regarding their good days and bad? Would you really find that more interesting, because I wouldn't, frankly.

I am also assuming that you are referring to the "Dear Me Project" or the newer "Hello, Gorgeous" challenge. Are you jealous because you couldn't, if you tried, think of how to attempt them?

I am not a 'self-help' guru, nor intend to make myself out to be one. There are plenty of other people out there in the world, with shinier teeth and better hair than I who can do that. I guess what I'm attempting to do is keeping the scales within balanced; to reconcile the expectations of what I, the wider-world, my family, my friends, my demons, everyone, say I could or should be being a 'mother'. You should go and talk to yours. I bet she'd rather enjoy the attention.

In the meantime, go get a life.

*Adam's level 60+ Druid can kick your ass anyway to Sunday, mate.

Comments on "Question and Answer Time"


Anonymous Sherri Caldwell - The Rebel Housewife said ... (1:21 am) : 

You GO, Girl!
Fellow Mum/Mom,


Blogger Jamie said ... (1:58 am) : 

Pay no attention to fight-seeking obscure hotmail jerk. You are doing great!



Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:19 am) : 

What do they know? You're doing great!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:02 pm) : 

Thanks all :). Hopefully I scare 'em off


Anonymous Chris said ... (8:57 am) : 

Don't feed the trolls!

They're really not worth the effort ;-)


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